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Creating a Relaxing Oasis with a Backyard Fountain
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Creating a Relaxing Oasis with a Backyard Fountain

Does your outdoor space need a little oomph? Fountains are an easy way to upgrade your backyard, patio, or balcony, whether you're a DIY pro or a newbie. You can turn your unused planters or find a statement piece and turn it into a beautiful fountain, all powered by a smartpond pump.

The sounds of summer

Fountains aren't just pretty to look at. The gentle sound of flowing water is nature's sound machine, providing a serene ambiance that's perfect for relaxing with a book or hosting a dreamy summer soiree. Get inspired with these DIY fountain projects!

Quick & Easy

The Container Fountain Kit has everything you need to transform any planter or water-holding basin into a beautiful fountain. It includes a 70 GPH pump, a filter box, three nozzle heads, a rubber stopper, fountain stand, a telescoping nozzle extension tube, and you can choose between three different nozzles: water spray, water bell, and trumpet. Want a little more power and pizazz? The Lit Container Fountain Kit features a 170 GPH pump and has an LED light ring that illuminates the fountain flow. Fun, quick, and easy fountain projects you can build with either Container Fountain Kit:

Go Big(ger)!

The Filter Kit with Pump is perfect for pond and fountain water feature projects. What's great about this kit is that it contains a filter box that protects the pump from any debris that can cause clogging and bio balls to help keep the water clear. It's great for larger fountains. 

    Which pump should you choose?

    When shopping smartpond  fountain pumps, you can choose from three different options based on the features you need. When in doubt, choose a stronger pump and reduce the flow. 

    Low-Water Shut-Off 

    Set it and forget it! If you don't want to worry about water levels, or live in a very hot climate where evaporation is inevitable, you can choose a fountain pump with Low-Water Shut-Off. These pumps have sensors that detect when water levels drop too low and automatically shut off until water levels are restored. When pumps run without water, they can burn out and get damaged. 


    smartpond® Premium Fountain Pumps come with the adjustable flow control that all our pumps have, plus a pre-filter. The pre-filter protects the pump from clogging by catching debris. Premium pumps also have low-water pick-up, so the pumps can keep running even if the water levels drop. Models 155 GPH and higher can be used in-line for endless project ideas!


    A no-frills workhorse, standard pumps all come with adjustable flow control. These pumps are quiet when running and easy to clean. Standard pumps are oil-free and energy-efficient. 

    Size Does Matter

    We've got pumps for pint-sized fountains (think 2 ft. tall) all the way up to impressive multi-tiered masterpieces. Each option above comes in the following sizes. Here's a quick breakdown to get you started:

    80-GPH Fountain Pump 

    The 80-GPH Fountain Pump works well for smaller fountains that are around 2 ft. tall. The pump is energy-efficient and quiet, with built-in adjustable flow control. 

    155-GPH Fountain Pump

    If you want a taller fountain, the 155-GPH pump has an adjustable flow for fountains up to 3 ft. tall. You can also use this pump for spitters. 

    300-GPH Fountain Pump

    This pump works for fountains up to 5 ft. tall with adjustable flow control. You can use this pump for medium-sized fountains.

    500-GPH Fountain Pump

    This powerful pump works for fountains up to 7 ft. tall with adjustable flow control. You can use this pump for larger fountains.

    Escape the daily grind and step into a staycation right in your own backyard paradise, complete with a custom fountain. All you need is a smartpond pump, a little creativity, and maybe a comfy chair or a hammock for ultimate relaxation.



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