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Warranty Procedure

  1. Contact Customer Service to see if the issue can be resolved over the phone or via email; you can also contact us for missing parts.

  2. Customer Service will help you troubleshoot the product to the best of their ability without having the unit in our hands.

    • We recommend having the unit with you when troubleshooting with our team to ensure you are doing what you can to fix the problem; this could eliminate the need to send in the product.

  3. If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone or via email, you may be asked to send images of your receipt, serial number and UL sticker to receive a replacement part.

    • If the product needs to be sent in for testing:

      • We will send you a prepaid return label, instructions, and an approval form. The approval form needs to be included in the returned package so we can process the claim when we receive your product.

      • Once we receive the unit it will be tested at our facility to figure out what is wrong – this could take up to 5 business days to complete.

        • If your unit cannot be fixed and you are still under warranty* you will be sent a replacement (your warranty period does not restart).

        • If your unit needs a part Customer Service will replace the part and send your unit back.

    • If your unit is found to be in working condition, it will be returned and you will be charged for shipping as well as a maintenance fee.

      • We recommend to have the pump with you when troubleshooting with our team to ensure you are doing what you can to fix the problem before sending the product in.

      • We also recommend cleaning your unit often, dirt and algae can cause issues and will prevent it from working properly.

    • If a part is deemed defective/damaged over the phone, our team will send out the replacement part or unit at no charge.


*If you are not under warranty and are having troubles with your unit you can still call us for troubleshooting advice; replacement parts are available for purchase. Please note, if you do not have proof of purchase you will not be considered for warranty.

*If you have not registered and have a valid proof of purchase, you can register your product online before calling in so we have all information needed to process a warranty claim. Keep in mind, your receipt is what validates your warranty period, not your registration date. As always, we would be able to troubleshoot regardless of date of purchase.



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