Building a fountain using a pond spitter is a fun DIY project that looks great. It can be used to accent a garden or even indoors in an office, shop, or spa. When the tubing and pump are hidden, the spitter is brought to life, seeming to stream water on its own.

Items Needed

1. Prepare

Gather your supplies and find a side table you would like to use for this project. It will need to be near an outlet.

2. Tubing

Attach your tubing to your pump.

3. Cord

Place the pump inside your planter. Drape the cord over the edge or through a hole you drill in the side.

5. Enjoy!

Add water. Enjoy your fountain!

Tip: Change out the decor or spitter you use for a completely different look and feel.

Watch & learn

How to build a spitter fountain.