Disappearing water features are a bit of gardening magic that will have your guests asking, "but where does the water go?" This type of water feature has no visible water basin or water storage; the water from the fountain or waterfall flows right into the ground.

Items Needed

1. Prepare

The first step in creating a disappearing feature is to determine the size and location of your project. We chose to do a larger disappearing feature and outdoors so we could bury it, but this project can be done in any size and could be built on a deck or patio and concealed with pavers rather than stones. We picked a spot that we will be able to enjoy the sound and beauty of this feature and continue to build up with plants and decor.

2. Dig

After the fourth tier is in place, unfold the pond liner and cover the pond area. Extend the liner over the sides. Smooth out any creases and form the liner against the inside of the blocks.

3. Basin

Place your basin in the hole and pack dirt back around the basin to secure.

4. Grate

Trim 4 1/4-in from each side of an area wall grate with a reciprocating saw and place in the basin. We added bricks underneath for additional support to keep the grate from sliding to the bottom of the basin.

5. Small Planter

Attach your tubing by drilling a hole in the base of your smaller planter. Use a tubing adapter on the inside of the smaller planter to connect out to the tubing.

6. Large Planter

Thread the tubing through the base of the larger planter. This planter already came with a hole in the base, but we expanded the hole with a paddle blade to give us more room to work with our tubing.

7. Tubing

Thread the tubing through the grate and out a side pocket to attach the pump.

8. Pump

Attach the tubing to your pump and place the pump in the basin.

9. Rocks

Cover the grate and basin with decorative stones to create the disappearing effect of this feature.

10. Water

Add water. Fill the no more than what the basin can hold in case you plan to turn off the water feature at any time to avoid spills.

11. Enjoy

Enjoy your feature. Take time to get creative with your plants and decorations to surround this stunning project you just created!

Watch & learn

How to build a disappearing water feature.