A 3-tier water fountain is an easy do-it-yourself project. The hardest part is choosing your water basins! Tiered fountains sound soothing and flowing water is relaxing and peaceful.

Items Needed

1. Prepare

Gather all the items needed for this project. If the planter you have chosen is porous, you will need to apply a sealant so your container can hold water. 

If the mid-sized container has a hole on the bottom, you will need to use foam sealant or epoxy to fill the hole. Wait for the sealant to dry (typically about a full day) before proceeding.

Next, find the location you will want your fountain to be placed. It will be easiest to do your assembly there as your fountain will become heavy once assembled.

Place the largest pot down first and add rocks until it is nearly full. Add the mid-sized pot to the center of the first pot and move rocks underneath until leveled.

Fill in rocks around the base of the mid-sized pot as desired.

2. Assemble

Assemble your pump with tubing. Trim your tubing, but keep it a little longer as you can adjust this later as needed. The length of the tube should equal the height of the mid-sized and small pot combined.

Place the pump inside the center of the mid-sized pot and drape the cord over the side of the pot.

3. Fill Middle Pot

Add rocks into the mid-sized pot until it is nearly full, keeping the tubing un-pinched. Add the small pot to the center, feeding the tubing through the hole in the bottom of the pot, and move rocks underneath until it is level.

4. Fill Small Pot

Fill in rocks around the base of the small pot as desired.

Add rocks into the small pot until it is full, keeping the tubing un-pinched.

Trim excess tubing.

5. Water

Add water

If you need to adjust the flow control valve, disassemble to step 7, adjust and repeat steps 8-12.


Enjoy your new fountain!