Watching a vortex fountain has a similar calming effect to going through a carwash or watching your clothes spin at the laundromat. This DIY fountain can be used indoors or outdoors, making a beautiful addition to a patio or even an office.

Items Needed

1. Prepare

The first step is to gather your supplies. 

Pick the location of your fountain. It is best to assemble your fountain where you will want it as this project will be heavy once finished.

2. Drill

Next, you will need a glass cylinder to house your vortex. Our cylinder is 6-in tall and has a diameter of 4-in.

Use a glass drill bit to cut a 1/2-in hole in the base of the cylinder.

Insert a 90º 1/2-in elbow for your water to flow into the cylinder.

3. Elbow

Attach your tubing to the elbow coming through the base of the cylinder and use a clamp around the tubing to fasten securely. Water pressure for this project is key.

4. Cut

Cut a hole in the grate of a catch basin to allow the glass cylinder to rest on top and the tubing to pass through to the bottom.

5. Tubing

Cut the tubing. You will not need much, just enough to connect the pump. You can adjust as needed.

6. Pump

Attach your pump to the tubing.

7. Lights

Add your light set. We found that for a night effect, this project looks best when the lights are set under the grate. Drape your cords over the edge of the backside of your planter.

8. Decorate

Add decorative rocks to cover the grate. Using smaller stones around the glass to conceal your water feature components.

Add water.

9. Enjoy!

Enjoy your fountain! 

Tip: You can even change the night effect by using different colored lenses included in the light set.

Watch & learn

How to build a vortex fountain.