A pond with a waterfall is the focal point. The water has a blue tint, and there is a fountain in the middle. It is surrounded by greenery. There is patio furniture out of focus in the foreground.

Pond & Waterfall Projects

Build a brand new pond, or update your existing pond with these DIY Pond & Waterfall projects!

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A two tier fountain is pictured. It has a light blue and dark blue painted look. It sits on a wicker table next to a brown haired woman in a chair reading.

Fountain Projects

Create your own fountain with smartpond®. It's easy to customize any container or planter and turn it into a fountain. DIY fountains are creative water features that work in any indoor space, patio, porch, or garden. The options are endless!

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A black planter with a stone finish sits on landscaping stones amongst green plants and flowers. The planter is a disappearing water feature. The fountain water is flowing.

Water Features

Discover watergardening above and beyond traditional ponds and fountains. Above ground ponds, disappearing water features, mini ponds.

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