A two-tier fountain is a beautiful DIY decoration that takes less than 15 minutes to put together. It's a classic water feature that suits nearly any space!

Items Needed

1. Gather

Gather your supplies and find a location to display your fountain. The fountain will get heavy once assembled. It's easier to put it together where you want to keep it, rather than moving it afterward.

Note: If the mid-sized container has a hole on the bottom, you will need to use foam sealant or epoxy to fill the hole. Wait for the sealant to dry (typically about a full day) before proceeding.

2. Assemble

Attach your tubing to your pump and set in the base of the medium-sized planter.

3. Fill

Fill the planter ¾ full with decorative rocks, covering the pump.

4. Trim

Trim excess tubing.

5. Feed

Feed tubing through the base of the smaller planter, so it is visible on the inside by about ½ in.

6. Adjust

Adjust the smaller planter on top of the medium-sized planter and fill in rocks around the base of the small planter as desired.

7. Water

Add water.

8. Enjoy!

Plug in and enjoy your new fountain!

Watch & learn

How to build a two tier fountain.