It does not take a lot of time, effort, or money to create a unique tabletop fountain! Utilizing a rustic piece, like a birdcage, can revitalize your area with a trendy and antique look you and your guests will enjoy. You can easily convert a beautiful birdcage into a dazzling fountain in your backyard.

Items Needed

1. Assemble

Make sure you are working in a neat area free from debris to not let dirt get into your project. After selecting your birdcage and planter, connect the telescoping extension tube to the pump with the desired nozzle head. Position the pump in the planter. Before placing the rocks in the container, make sure to rinse and clean them from any debris. After cleaning your rocks, neatly place them into the container over the pump.

2. Place

Place the fountain in the birdcage. Make sure you have enough room to run the cord over the edge of the planter and through the walls of the birdcage. Plug the pump into an outlet. Add or replace the rocks with additional items you want to adorn your project with.

3. Enjoy!

Sit back, relax, enjoy, and show-off your completed project!