Lily Pad, Variety Pack of 3

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  • Our smartpond Lily Pad Variety Pack includes one large (7.95 i.n x 7.76 in. x 2.56 in.) and two small artificial lily pads (each 6.3 in. x 5.83 in. x 1.67 in.).
  • These floating lily pads a realistic and low maintenance floral look to your pond.
  • Consider using these as a quick addition when a pond is new or during the spring season when your aquatic plants haven’t bloomed yet.
  • Unlike real flowering plants, these lily pads are always in season and never wilt, use them all year round to maintain a lively and colorful ambiance in your pond.
  • Not only do these lily pads add aesthetic appeal, but they also provide extra shade and protection to your fish from harmful UV rays and predators.
  • Each lily pad comes with an anchor ring that allows you to easily secure it in your pond.