The container fountain kit turns any pot, planter, or container into an easily customizable and beautiful water feature. The kit comes with a 70 GPH fountain pump, container nozzle kit, filter box, rubber stopper, and container stands; all you need is the perfect container.

Items Needed

1. Gather

Gather all the items needed for this project.

2. Assemble

Assemble your container fountain kit and choose a nozzle (trumpet, spray, water bell).

3. Add

Add your container fountain kit into the base of the planter. If there is a hole in the bottom of your planter, you can thread the power cord through and use the stopper. If not, you can drape the cord over the edge of the planter.

4. Fill

Add decorative stones being sure to keep the nozzle upright.

5. Water

Add water.

6. Enjoy

Enjoy your new fountain!

Watch & learn

How to build a container fountain.