Terra cotta planters make the ideal basin for a do it yourself water feature using the container fountain kit. Once the planter is sealed, it takes less than 10 minutes to have a beautiful fountain.

Items Needed

1. Prepare

Gather all the items needed for this project. If the planter you have chosen is porous, you will need to apply a sealant so your container can hold water. Wait for the sealant to dry before proceeding.

2. Hole

Drill or widen the hole in the planter if desired.

3. Plug

Thread the cord through the drainage hole and use the rubber stopper on the cord to plug the hole. Alternately, you can drape the cord over the edge of the planter.

4. Connect

Connect the extension tube to the Container Fountain Kit base with the desired nozzle. Place the assembly inside the planter.

5. Final touches

Add water. If you notice any leaking, turn off the pump, find the source and plug with sealant or epoxy, wait to dry, and add water.

6. Enjoy!

Get creative and add pebbles or paint your pot for a personal touch.

Enjoy your new fountain!