You can create a DIY fountain that features your favorite flowers. This very simple project can be completed in a weekend and needs no extra tools. This colorful oasis is sure to cheer up any outdoor space.

Items Needed

  • smartpond® 300 GPH Low Water Shut-off Pump
  • smartpond® Container Nozzle Kit
  • Two matching ceramic pots of varying sizes
  • Planter stand to fit the larger ceramic pot
  • Small plastic pot it fit inside smaller of the two ceramic pots
  • Plants of your choice

1. Prepare

The first step is to gather your supplies. You can use preexisting planters or purchase new ones. For this project, we used two matching ceramic planters, one large, and one small. We were also able to find a stand to fit the large planter. We liked this idea because it would give our project the total height we were after. 

Find your location. You will need a spot that is near an outlet or that you can easily run power to. This project is great for outdoors, patios, and home entrances. When thinking about your location, make sure that your plants will receive adequate sunlight, and it is in a spot where you will be able to enjoy it. If you can't find a spot with adequate sunlight for plants or are without green thumbs, opt for artificial plants, pebbles, or river rocks.

Tip: You will want to assemble your project at your location as it will become difficult to move once plants and water are added.

2. Assemble

Place the base with the large planter on top and add the smaller planter in the center of the larger planter.

Add your plants around the smaller planter. If your plants will need more height, add in the soil before placing plants. Pack in the soil and give your plants a good first watering.

Make sure your plastic pot is clean from any dust or dirt. Insert the plastic pot inside the smaller planter.

Assemble the pump to the light and nozzle of your choice. You can always change the nozzle whenever you would like.

3. Cord

Let the electrical cord hang out over the side of the whole project. You can try to camouflage the cord between the plants.

4. Plants

Plants can be changed seasonally as you desire. The creative possibilities are endless!

5. Enjoy!

Add water. Enjoy your fountain!