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2024 Decor Trends & How to Style Your Pond
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2024 Decor Trends & How to Style Your Pond

Spring is here and your backyard is officially heating up. Each year brings its own trends for decor that you can use as inspiration in your own space. When it comes to your pond and other outdoor spaces, you want to create an oasis you can retreat to after a long day. If you host parties and BBQs, your pond can be a decorative focal point for entertaining. It's the perfect way to explore your creativity!

Pinterest curates trend information and each year it releases the predictions for what they think will be popular in the upcoming year. You can check out Pinterest Predicts for all of the 2024 predictions. Here are some of this year's hot trends, and how you can incorporate them into your backyard and pond decor.

Tropic Like It's Hot

Think trip to the tropics, but make it chic. Embrace natural textures, tropical plants, and if you're feeling bold throw in some hot pink and hibiscus prints. You can use the Floating Lily Variety Pack for a pop of color in your pond, and then set your Color Changing Floating Fountain to pink. Pond and Landscape Lights are also a nice addition to brighten up your landscape.

This type of decor should feel like a tropical getaway to paradise full of bright colors and happy vibes. Don't forget to add some beautiful botanicals and pour yourself a mocktail! It's escapism at its finest.  


Why go out and pay coffee shop prices when you can create cozy vibes with an at-home coffee station? Set up a fully-loaded outdoor coffee cart and create a relaxing space to wake up and sit right by your pond before starting your day. You can recreate the coffee shop magic with the right outdoor furniture. Juicy romance novel optional.

Adding a calming waterfall will help set the mood with the ambient soundscape. 

Western Gothic

Take a trip to the dark and wild side with this style. Showcase the best of both worlds with vintage Americana pieces and a sultry blend of dark, bold colors. You can shop at the thrift store and garage sales for outdoor furniture and decor pieces that fit this unlikely combination. Turn your pond area into a summer saloon that was meant to host parties. 

A whiskey barrel fountain perfectly fits this aesthetic, but make it gothic. 

Hot Metals

Metals are having a moment; the bolder, the better. Choose shiny aluminum and chromes to accent the areas around your pond for a futuristic look; this aesthetic is great for finding shiny lawn ornaments, decor, and statues that you can place in your backyard and around your pond. Metal chairs fit nicely in this aesthetic, but make sure you're using them in the shade with cushions!

Find a bold metal planter and turn it into a container fountain.

Rest Stops

Think lazy naps in bed, but outdoors. Enjoy your surroundings and the beauty of nature, especially in your own backyard. Rest Stops is a location trend, embracing the idea of slow living and allowing yourself to relax and not be busy. You can create the perfect getaway in your own backyard by your pond, the perfect staycation whenever you need to recharge and unplug. Create comfortable areas to lounge around your pond, whether that's a hammock or outdoor couch. You can turn your backyard into the perfect locals-only vacation resort.

Pond Tint is a beautiful resort-ready blue and safe for fish and pond life. Bonus: it makes it harder for predators to see them. Flowing water enhances the relaxation. A Pond Nozzle Kit creates a beautiful flow with minimal work.

Create a relaxing and enjoyable oasis right in your own backyard. Whether you prefer a tropical vibe, a cozy coffee shop atmosphere, a bold and gothic aesthetic, a futuristic metallic look, or a calming staycation, there's a trend that will fit your style. With the right decorations, furniture, and accessories, you can transform your pond area into a stunning and welcoming space that you'll love to spend solo time or host in all year long.



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