Easy upgrade: add a waterfall to your pond. This weekend project is sure to give your backyard pond a whole new vibe. Build a DIY waterfall with smartpond®.

Items Needed


  • Tamper
  • Level
  • Work/garden gloves
  • 2 adjustable hose clamps (1/2-in. to 1-1/14 in. recommended)
  • Screw driver
  • Utility bucket (if using Pond Tint)
  • Nitrile or latex gloves (if using Pond Tint)

1. Prepare

Clear and level the area at the edge of the pond where you would like to add your waterfall. Tamp down the dirt.

2. Elevate

Place large blocks or stones to elevate where the spillway will sit. Use a level to determine the best placement.

TIP: The height of your waterfall is determined by your pump size. Check out our Waterfalls 101 Selecting Waterfall Products page for more info.

3. Spillway

Place the spillway on the support stone. Adjust placement as needed for proper height and to ensure your flow is level.

4. Tubing

Place the hose clamp near the end of the tubing. Attach the 3/4 in. Tubing to the Spillway adapter. Slide the hose clamp up to the spillway adapter where the tubing is attached. Tighten the hose clamp to secure the tubing.

5. Assembly

Assemble* the pump, filter box, and tubing. Place in the pond close to the waterfall.

TIP: Tilt the filter box on its side to allow water to flow in as you place it in.

*See below for assembly instructions.

6. Place

Place the spillway on the support stone. Use landscape stones and rocks to conceal the spillway and create a surface for the water to flow over.

TIP: Tuck the tubing into the stones and rocks as you place them.

7. Secure

Place a large, flat stone on top of the spillway to secure it in place. Now is a good time to test your flow and make any adjustments.

TIP: The 800 GPH Pond & Water Feature Pump has flow control, allowing you to adjust the output.

8. Conceal

Conceal the tubing and pump power cord with stones.

9. Seal

Use Waterfall Foam Sealant to make the gaps between rocks watertight, improving the flow of your waterfall.

How to use Waterfall Foam Sealant

10. Lights

Place the Pond and Landscape Lights in and around your waterfall to illuminate the flow.

11. Pond Tint

According to the bottle instructions, add Pond Tint to the water to create a beautiful blue effect.

TIP: Wear gloves when handling Pond Tint. Add when waterfall is on for quick disbursement.

12. Enjoy!

Sit back and relax, enjoying your updated backyard oasis!

Pump and Filter Box Assembly

1. Pump

Attach the included adapter to the pump. Place the pump in the filter box with the bio-balls.

2. Filter Pads

Place the blue (fine) filter pad over the adapter. Place the black (coarse) filter pad on top.

3. Tubing

Thread the tubing through the hole in the lid. If using a hose clamp, add it to the end of tubing after threading.

4. Connect

Connect the tubing to the pump adapter. Slide the hose clamp down to where the tubing connects to the adapter and tighten.

5. Cord

Secure the pump's power cord.

6. Lid

Snap the lid on all the way to close the filter box.