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What Will the New Year Bring for Your Water Garden?
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What Will the New Year Bring for Your Water Garden?

The new year presents an opportunity for reflection and goal-setting. Take a moment to ponder your achievements from the past year and embark on planning exciting new projects for your garden and pond. As you look forward to the possibilities of the coming year, consider what fresh ventures and goals you'd like to explore in your outdoor space.

A New Chapter

Each year, time seems to fly by faster than ever. After the holidays, we get a little break to relax and prepare for the new year. In the new year, our lives and schedules quickly fill up. When too many items are on your to-do list, some things must be put on the back burner. We often save our personal projects and fun hobbies for last when we feel we’re short on time. 

Focusing on self-care is important, especially when you’re busy. If we overwork ourselves without time to recuperate, our immune systems can weaken, and we can even become less productive. Creativity and innovation are harder when your mind is tired and burnt out. Taking little moments to focus on relaxation and unwinding is helpful. Little wins like going on a walk in the sunshine, sitting by your pond, or pruning your plants help release stress and give your mind a much-needed break. 

Less Stress, More Water

Water gardening is a great way to de-stress; working in the garden is therapeutic, and the sounds of running water are calming. When you’re overwhelmed or busy, your garden and pond can be easily forgotten. Making time for small and quick projects like DIY fountains or adding a pond accessory can help you feel more grounded and take a little time for yourself.  

Pond fountains, spitters, container fountains, and blooming plants create a peaceful escape in your own backyard where you can forget your worries and just breathe. Even if you don’t have time to update your garden and renovate, you can create your water feature in just a few easy steps. No matter what your budget and schedule, you can have a stunning and relaxing fountain.  

Quick DIY projects:

Easy Pond Upgrades

You can give your pond a quick makeover by adding an easy DIY waterfall using the smartpond Spillway. All you have to do is set the spillway higher than the pond using landscape rocks and then choose the right pump. If you want to make your pond come alive at night, the Color Changing Floating Fountain includes 16 color options and a remote. This fountain includes a pump, so all you have to do is place it in your pond and plug it in. Another illuminating option is to add Pond and Landscape Lights for a fun, colorful accent.

What are Your Goals?

Now is the perfect time to start brainstorming new projects and ideas for spring and summer. The new year is a time for change and renewal. What do you wish you could have done last year? What’s stopping you now?

Everyone needs a place to relax and indulge in their guilty pleasure, whether sitting by your pond, reading a book and listening to your fountain, or curling up under your favorite blanket on the couch and watching your shows. 

The idea behind creating New Year’s resolutions is a great practice. Being productive and accomplished is easier when you know what you want. Write down your ideas for home and self-improvement and place them somewhere visible. Make lists with reasonable goals that you can check off as you complete them. Each checkmark will make you feel accomplished and inspired!



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