choose the right products

What do you need to build a waterfall?

Using the right sized pump is the most important part of building a waterfall. Pair your pump with the right products to build a DIY waterfall!

Step 1: Calculate for the desired look

Choose a waterfall pump to match the height and width of your waterfall.

The rule of thumb is for every 1 in. of spillway width, you need 100 gallons per hour flow to achieve a “sheet” look. 

Divide by two for a “trickle” look. 

Multiply by two for a “Niagara” look.

Keep in mind, excessive bend or in-line filters will reduce the flow.

You can also consider starting with a spillway.  smartpond® offers an 8 in. Spillway.

Step 2: Confirm pump needs

Be sure to check the pump’s specification for the ideal pumping height of your pump at the head of your waterfall. Keep in mind, excessive bend or in-line filters will reduce the flow. 

Select pump, smartpond® offers: 

1,320 GPH Waterfall Pump for 5 ft. waterfalls 

2,000 GPH Waterfall Pump for 10 ft. waterfalls 

3,600 GPH Waterfall Pump for 15 ft. waterfalls 

5,100 GPH Waterfall Pump for 18 ft. waterfalls

Additional Information

Don’t forget the Tubing!   

For pond and waterfall pumps, we recommend using the largest tubing size option for maximum performance. All smartpond pumps and filters recommend the appropriate tubing, be sure to consult the label or website for compatible tubing size. 

Finishing touches 

Adding rocks or flowers around your pond is a great way to hide cords and tubing. Rocks or pavers also help weigh down the liner. For the finishing touch, the addition of nozzle displays, spitters, lights, and floating décor make your pond look complete.

It’s time to start building!

Now that you’ve planned your waterfall and selected the products, it’s time to time to build!