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Build a Pond with the smartpond® Floating Fountain
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Build a Pond with the smartpond® Floating Fountain

Dreaming of a tranquil escape in your own backyard? With the smartpond® Color Changing Floating Fountain, you can transform your dream into reality in just a weekend.

Whether you envision a charming in-ground pond or a modern above-ground stone creation, this guide equips you with everything you need to get started:

Step 1: Choose Your Pond Style

  • In-ground haven: Dig a hole slightly larger than your desired size, aiming for a smooth bottom. Remember, the liner will slightly reduce the pond's size.
  • Elevated oasis: Stack landscaping rocks or pavers to create your desired shape and height.

Detailed instructions for both styles are available here: here and here.

Step 2: Line Your Pond

The pond liner is essential for keeping water contained. Lay it over your in-ground hole or existing rock structure, smoothing creases or wrinkles. For above-ground ponds, secure the liner by tucking it under the rocks and adding additional layers for stability.

Step 3: Introduce the Star of the Show

The Floating Fountain seamlessly integrates with your water feature. Featuring a powerful 400 GPH pump, it circulates water in ponds up to 400 gallons (or larger, for decorative purposes). Simply plug it in, place it in the pond, and choose your preferred light display from the 16 mesmerizing options. Use the included remote to choose your favorite colors and light patterns.

This fountain acts as both a pump and a centerpiece, adding vibrant color and aeration to your pond. Enhance both existing ponds and new builds with this versatile water feature, enjoying your tranquil oasis day and night.

Don't wait to turn your backyard into a serene escape!




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