For a simple and beautiful water feature in your backyard, build an above ground pond with a spitter! No digging is involved and it only needs 4 items. It's an easy, simple backyard project that can be done in just a weekend!

Items Needed

1. Level

Measure the diameter (or length and width if you would like to make a rectangular shaped pond) of where you would like to build your pond. Create the exterior wall of the pond with remaining paver blocks. Make sure the first layer is level by using a level tool. Use a scratch awl or chisel and hammer to split pavers into varying sizes as needed.

2. Liner

After the fourth tier is in place, unfold the pond liner and cover the pond area. Extend the liner over the sides. Smooth out any creases and form the liner against the inside of the blocks. The water will want to pull the liner down into any spaces that have air underneath your liner, so account for this as you are cutting your liner to size.

3. Top row

Place the top row of blocks on top of the liner to secure it in place.

4. Pump

Attach tubing from the pump to the spitter. Place the pump in the middle of the pond floor and the spitter on the ledge of your pond. Run the electrical cord over the side of the above ground pond and hide it underneath the top row of blocks.

5. Water

After, fill the above ground pond with water. Plug it in and watch it run.

6. Finish

You can always get more creative. Add rocks, lilies, or lights for a beautiful night-time effect.