Building a pond doesn’t have to be difficult! This two-item pond proves that it takes just time and creativity to create your own backyard oasis. It's a very simple, basic pond that can be quickly built in any area.

Items Needed

1. Map

Begin by mapping out the location, shape, and size of your small pond with rope or string. Make sure to calculate the size of the rocks you will place around the pond for an accurate account of how big your pond will be.

2. Dig

Start digging where you want to build a pond. Once you are satisfied with the location and dimensions of the pond, make sure it is leveled. Use the level tool to make sure the hole you’ve dug is even.

3. Liner

Once the pond has been dug, have the liner cover the entire hole with several inches of overhang around the periphery. This extra material will be used to help secure your pond in the next several steps.

4. Fill

Fill the pond with water to the level you desire.

5. Landscape

Place stones on the liner not only for aesthetic appeal but to secure the liner. After securing the liner, you can continue adding rocks for your desired look! You can even add plants around your pond.

6. Decorate & enjoy

Place the Filter Kit with Pump in the pond with the nozzle top you want to design with.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new pond!