Filter Kit with Pump

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  • Our smartpond Filter Kit with Pump can be easily added to any existing pond or used for a quick weekend new pond project!
  • This all-inclusive kit includes all the needed components to make this perfect for use as a filtration system in ponds up to 1,300 gallons or additional filtration in ponds over 1,300 gallons.
  • The UV and high impact-resistant filter box protects the kit's 580 GPH pump, while keeping debris from entering the pump.
  • The slopped lid of this kit's filter box is designed so large debris rolls off instead of accumulating on the top of the unit and clogging.
  • This Filter Kit with Pump cleans your pond using multi-stage filtration using the included bio-media, stones, and two filter pads to biologically and mechanically clean pond water.
  • The bio-media and stones help with the growth of beneficial bacteria that aid in filtration.
  • The two filter pads include a coarse pad for large debris and a fine pad for smaller particles.
  • In addition to the pump and filter media, this kit includes a four nozzle head options, a telescoping nozzle extension tube, a diverter valve, and a swivel adapter.
  • The nozzles not only aerate, but also decorate your pond while the diverter valve allows you to run a second water display.
  • The swivel adapter helps to ensure your water display is level, even if the bottom of your pond is not.
  • No tools required for installation or maintenance; for best results, change the filter pads once a season for maximum efficiency.
  • We stand behind this filter kit with a 2-year warranty.