Filter Box

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  • Our smartpond Filter Box is a quick easy way to help improve the water quality of your pond by clearing it of debris to promote a healthy pond ecosystem.
  • Perfect for use as a filtration system in ponds up to 500 gallons or additional filtration and pump protection in ponds over 500 gallons.
  • Extend the life of your pump by placing it in this filter box; the included filter media and filter box housing will keep debris from entering your pump.
  • This Filter Box cleans your pond using multi-stage filtration using the included 10 bio-balls and two filter pads to biologically and mechanically clean pond water.
  • The included bio-balls help with the growth of beneficial bacteria that aid in filtration.
  • The two filter pads include a coarse black pad for large debris and a fine blue pad for smaller particles.
  • The UV, high impact-resistant, black filter box housing surrounds your pump and blends into the depth of your pond's environment.
  • The smartpond Filter Box is compatible with most pond pumps between 200–800 GPH.
  • No tools required for installation or maintenance; for best results, change the filter pads once a season for maximum efficiency.

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