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How to Pick the Right Pond Pump

How to Pick the Right Pond Pump

The pump is the life force of the pond. Still or stagnant water quickly attracts algae and mosquito larvae. Water in a pond must be circulating and pumped through a filtration system—pumps also power water features like waterfalls, fountains, and spitters. Picking the right pump for your water feature is important to make sure it runs properly.

What Role Do Pumps Play

Waterfalls, fountain displays, and other decorative features also play a vital role in the pond's ecosystem. They keep the water flowing and oxygenated. There are many different pumps to choose from, ranging in function, features, and strength. Pump strength is measured in GPH, which stands for gallons per hour (1 gallon equals 3.8 liters). 

Choosing the Right-Sized Pump

Deciding what strength and kind of pump you need for a filtration system or fountain depends on the size of your pond. If you don't know how the volume of your pond (in gallons), the smartpond® calculator will help you figure it out. You just need the general shape (rectangle or oval), length, width, the measurement of the deepest point. Once you know how many gallons of water your pond holds, you can find the right smartpond pump.

You can also use the diverter valve on the pump to power spitters and other smaller water features with the Pond Nozzle Kit

Adding a Waterfall

As a rule of thumb for waterfalls, you need 100-GPH for every inch of waterfall width for a nice even flow. If you would like a greater flow, use 200-GPH per inch or 50-GPH for a trickling effect. Be sure to add more power based on the height of your waterfall from the pond's water level. Learn more about how to choose a pump for your waterfall project. 

What else to consider?

Built-in UV clarifiers maintain water clarity by reducing microorganisms and harmful bacteria. Pre-filter, filter boxes, or pumpshield™ will help keep debris out of the pump. Motors can be damaged or clogged by debris intake, lowering efficiency and requiring additional maintenance. 

Choosing the right pump is vital for pond health and aesthetics. The pump that is too weak will not push enough water through the filter or circulate frequently enough. It's hard to get the full effect of a waterfall, fountain, or spitter without a strong enough pump. On the other hand, a pump that's too powerful can cause unnecessary water agitation. A little bit of measurement and research will help make the choice of which pump to buy easier.



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