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How to Place a Waterfall Spillway
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How to Place a Waterfall Spillway

You can easily build your own DIY waterfall using the smartpond spillway. Waterfalls are a quintessential water feature for ponds of all shapes and sizes. While they have a pretty aesthetic, waterfalls also help to keep the water circulating and aerated. 

The key to building a waterfall is placing the spillway. The height of the spillway determines how far the water will flow. Keep in mind, the higher the spillway, the stronger the pump will need to be. Our smartpond spillway is 8 inches wide, and the length of the waterfall depends on where you place it. 

The pump takes water from the bottom of the pond and pushes it through the spillway, where it cascades onto the pond's surface. As the water pours out of the spillway, it oxygenates and stirs the water, helping to prevent algae and mosquitos. The strength of the pump determines how the water flows, whether it's a more of a trickle or a roaring Niagara effect. You can use an 800 GPH, 1,350 GPH, or 2,000 GPH pump with the 8 in. spillway; so your desired height and flow will determine which pump will work best.

When planning your waterfall and placing the spillway, you'll need to set it higher than the pond. Most waterfalls have at least 10 inches of flow. The spillway should sit on a flat surface. You can build up the area using landscape rocks, which will help disguise the spillway. Hiding the inner workings with rocks and plants makes it look more organic, like it naturally occurs in nature. 

When placing the stones for the spillway, make sure they are level or have a slight forward grade to prevent backflow.

You'll need to attach the tubing from the waterfall pump to the spillway so the water can flow. Think about where the best placement is so you can see the waterfall and easily hide any tubes and cords. You may want to add plants or have the back of the waterfall facing away from your porch. 

Once you have your spillway set up, don’t forget to add landscape lights so you can enjoy your new water feature at night!

Waterfalls are a classic pond water feature for a reason. They look beautiful and are important for maintaining water quality and keeping the water circulating and aerated. You can easily add your own DIY waterfall using the smartpond spillway and a waterfall pump. All you have to do is set the spillway up higher than the surface of your pond, hide it with rocks and plants, and connect it to the right-sized pump. You can have a new waterfall for your pond in just a weekend. 



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