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Introducing the Ultimate Pond Kit

This weekend, create your new pond the smart way with the smartpond® Ultimate Pond Kit.


Create a pond the smart way.

We’ve curated the ultimate collection of our top products, giving you everything you need to start your dream water feature - all in one box!

Find our display at your local Lowe's® in the garden center, or on!

Always wanted a pond but never been sure where to start?

Easily add the sights and sounds of water to your outdoor oasis with the smartpond Ultimate Pond Kit. Create a pond up to 200 gallons, fully equipped with a pump, filtration, fountain spray, and an adorable turtle spitter. The finishing touch: our set of 6 Mini Pond LED Lights so you can enjoy your pond at night too!

What's in the box?

Everything you need to build and decorate a pond.

Strong Foundation

The 7 ft. x 10 ft. PVC pond liner is the base of the pond. Its mesh construction means it's puncture resistant, and the textured surface promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.


The pump is the heart of the pond. It keeps the water moving, pushing it through filters and powering water features. The 300 GPH pump features flow control, allowing you to adjust the water features and set the perfect ambiance.

Protecton & Filtration

The filter box houses the pump, protecting it from debris. Also inside are the fine and coarse filter pads to filter out debris, and 10 bio-balls to naturally clear the water.

Decoration & Aeration

The nozzle assembly attaches to the pump with a swivel adapter, adding a beautiful fountain display that can be easily leveled. Connect the adorable turtle spitter with 1/2 in. tubing to add charm and extra aeration. Add the finishing touch with the 6 mini light set to illuminate your creation!

Find the Ultimate Pond kit at Lowe's

Visit your local Lowe's and head to the garden center to create a pond the smart way.

DIY Project

Build a pond with the Ultimate Pond Kit

Check out the tep-by-step instructions on how to build your pond with the smartpond® Ultimate Pond Kit.

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