This weekend, create your new pond the smart way with the smartpond® Ultimate Pond Kit. Everything you need, in one box.

Items Needed

  • smartpond® Ultimate Pond Kit, which includes: 7 ft. x 10 ft. Pond Liner, 300 GPH Pump, Filter Box, Filter Pads, 10 Bio-balls, Nozzle Assembly, Turtle Spitter, 1/2 in. Tubing, and set of 6 Mini Lights
  • Underlayment (recommended)
  • smartpond® Chlorine Remover (if adding aquatic life)
  • Large flat stones
  • Smooth decorative rock in varying sizes
  • Landscaping plants


  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Small garden shovel
  • Tamper
  • Level
  • Garden hose
  • Adjustable hose nozzle
  • Scissors/utility knife


Call before you dig!

Always dig with caution. Call 811 or your local utility company before you begin digging to locate buried pipes or power lines on your property.

1. Review & measure

Evaluate the location of your future pond. Measure the area to determine pond shape.

Tip: The ideal pond size for the Ultimate Pond Kit is within 5 ft. x 2 ft. x 1.5 ft. (ideally with 12 in. overhang of liner all around). Learn more about calculating pond size and liner size.

2. Map

Use a rope or spray paint to map out the pond's shape and size and begin digging the pond. Ensure the top edges of the pond are level on all sides across with a level.

3. Dig

Begin digging the pond. Ensure the top edges of the pond are level on all sides across with a level.

4. Tamp

Remove any rock or debris from the base and walls of the pond. Tamp down the bottom of the pond and smooth ledges.

Tip: Add a layer of sand to level the bottom if your soil is particularly rocky.

5. Underlayment

Add underlayment, if using (not included). Underlayment protects the pond liner from rocks and roots underneath.

Tip: Underlayment alternatives: thick layer of sand, old carpeting, carpet padding, very thick landscaping fabric. Must be non-biodegradable and preferably moisture resistant.

6. Liner

Unfold the pond liner and cover the pond, smooth side down. Place liner in hole and place rocks on the edge to secure, smoothing any wrinkles. The liner should extend at least 12 inches over the edge—tuck the liner in all areas. This is easier with help!

Tip: The textured side of the pond provides an additional surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria, and should face up.

7. Fill halfway

Fill the pond with water to the halfway point to smooth the liner.

8. Assemble

Attach the swivel adapter to the pump, and connect the extension tube. Place your pump inside the filter box close to the center. Add the bio-balls, blue filter pad, and black filter pad. Place the lid on the filter box. Attach the diverter valve (this is where the tubing for the spitter gets attached). Add the second extension tube and attach the waterspray nozzle on top.

Tip: Make sure the flow control is open all the way for maximum flow for the fountain nozzle and spitter.

9. Place

Place the assembly in the pond.

Tip: Tilt the assembly as you place it, allowing water to enter the fiter box.

10. Attach tubing

Connect the 1/2 in. tubing to the inlet of the turtle spitter.

Tip: Use a large, flat landscaping stone as a base for the spitter.

11. Connect to diverter

Connect the other end of the 1/2 in. tubing to the diverter, trimming excess tubing.

12. Place stones

Lay the landscaping stones around the edge of the pond. Hide the tubing and power cord in the stones.

13. Fill

Finish filling the pond with water.

14. Lighting

Place the lights in and around the pond.

Tip: The pivoting bases make it easy to illuminate water features and landscaping.

15. Trim & landscape

Finish the look by adding a variety or landscaping stones and plants around the pond. Trim excess liner.

16. Plug

Plug in the pump and landscape lights directly into a GFCI outlet.

17. Adjust

Use the diverter valve located on the nozzle tube to adjust the flow between the fountain nozzle and spitter.

Tip: If the flow isn't strong enough, double check that the flow control on the pump is at its highest setting.

18. Treat water

If you are adding livestock, use Chlorine Remover Plus Conditioner to remove toxins from tap water (not included in kit).

19. Enjoy!

Step back and admire your work!

Watch & learn

How to build a pond with the Ultimate Pond Kit.