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What accessories are best for my pond?
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What accessories are best for my pond?

Looking for the perfect pond accessory to give your water garden a little extra pop? There are many different types of pond accessories to choose from. Some of them are functional, providing the pond with additional aeration or helping keep your pond life hidden from predators. Accessories give your pond personality and set the tone for your other backyard decor.  Explore the different decor options for your pond, what style they work best with, and any additional benefits.

Functional Decor: Beauty with Benefits 

Some of the smartpond® decor offers more than what meets the eye. Many accessories that you can add to your pond also serve a purpose. Here are some options:

Waterfalls: Add aeration with a waterfall spillway and keep water constantly moving. Waterfalls also help cool the air around them, which is a bonus in summer.

Nozzle Kits: Fountains, much like waterfalls, circulate the water adding oxygen. The smartpond® Nozzle Kit has three nozzle options to customize your look.

Spitters: While smaller than waterfalls and fountains, spitters can help circulate and aerate the water. There are various style available, like the  smartpond Antique Koi.

Light up the Night

Lights are a must-have accessory if you want to enjoy your pond at night. When the sun sets, the lights come on, and your pond transforms into a magical oasis.

Color Changing Floating Fountain

The Floating Fountain with Color Changing Lights is a low-maintenance way to enhance your pond. The 400 GPH pump circulates the water through the nozzle, and the 16 color-changing lights illuminate the flow. All you have to do is place the fountain in the pond and plug it in. It packs some major wow-factor with minimal effort!

Pond and Landscape Lights

smartpond® Pond and Landscape Lights  are safe to use with pond life and have dusk-to-dawn sensors, so you don't have to worry about turning them on and off.  

The LEDs are waterproof and energy efficient. You can use the lights submerged to illuminate your pond, or to highlight different landscape features around your yard. You can start with basic lights or take control of the ambiance with colored lenses (yellow, blue, red, and green).  Turn your pond into the centerpiece of the night.

Additional Accessory Options

Floating Lilies

Floating Lilies bloom year-round with zero maintenance. \water that has an added benefit. The floating flowers give your fish a place to hide from the predators above. Birds flying overhead won't be able to spot your fish if they're resting under a giant lily pad. If you want to add more color to your pond but don't want to increase the upkeep, faux flowers are a perfect accessory. 

Aquatic Plants

If you want to add plants to your pond, you can choose from many different varieties-- certain plants are more helpful than others. Plant types:

  • Floating plants provide shade and hiding spots for fish.
  • Emergent plants add beauty to the pond's perimeter and provide a habitat for wildlife.
  • Submerged plants oxygenate the water, keeping it healthy for fish.


Koi are beautiful fish that can be pretty social. They often recognize their owners and surface in hopes of being fed. If you want to add fish to your pond, keep in mind how they will get as adults. Some koi can end up two or three feet long. You need to have at least 10 gallons of water for every inch of fish and keep in mind what you will do in the wintertime. Some ponds are deep enough for the fish to overwinter, while others, you'd need to relocate your fish temporarily indoors for winter. 

Adding accessories to your pond can give it a unique touch and make it stand out in your backyard. Whether you're looking to add a functional decor item or want to enhance the aesthetics of your water garden, there are plenty of options to choose from. Explore the different accessories available and find the perfect match for your pond. The possibilities are endless, from building a waterfall to setting up lights. 

The Perfect Touch for Your Pond

No matter your style or needs, there's a pond accessory out there to make your water garden truly unique. From functional fountains and waterfalls, to decorative lights and beautiful plants, explore the possibilities and create a pond that reflects your personality.

Meta: Discover a wide range of functional decor to enhance your water garden using smartpond products. 



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