Create a DIY paradise right in your own backyard. Build a pond with a waterfall and enjoy the calming sounds of flowing water.

Items Needed

1. Map

Use a water hose or spray paint to map out the pond's shape and size and begin digging the pond. Ensure the top edges of the pond are level on all sides across with a level. Also, dig a hole that is approximately 10 in. round and 6 in. deep that will discreetly house the pump. This hole should be located under the waterfall, so it is not visible.

2. Remove

Remove any rock or debris from the base and walls of the pond. Cover the bottom of the pond with sand.

3. Elevate

The elevation of a waterfall is created so that the watercourse will cascade downward and continuously from one tier to the next. Determine the location and height of the top tier. Build up this elevation with any flat bricks or blocks. With excess dirt or sand, fill-in all voids and create a smooth surface along the back and sides.

4. Stone tiers

Tip: A beautiful flow is created with flat rocks. Choose one piece of flat stone for each tier and a larger piece to cover the top and cap off the waterfall. Dry fit a flat stone on the first course to ensure it is level from left to right, with a downward slope, to channel water into the pond. Continue by installing a flat stone that cantilevers over the front edge into the pond. Remove both pieces of flat stone and set aside.

5. Liner

Unfold the pond liner and cover the pond and waterfall sections. Remember to place the smooth side of the liner down. The textured side of the pond provides an additional surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria. The liner should extend at least 10 inches over the edge—tuck the liner in all areas.

6. Decorative rocks

While continuing to smooth the liner, add various large decorative rocks around the perimeter and around the pond's base. This will anchor the liner while you continue to work.

7. Level tiers

Continue covering the walls with smooth rocks. For the waterfall, place the flat stone for each tier. Ensure each is level with a downward slope.

8. Pump & tubing

Connect the hose to the waterfall pump and place the pump in the pumpshield® that is provided. After, place the pump in the designated hole. Run the cord and tubing over the wall near the edge of the waterfall.

9. Aeration

Position the aerator or Filter Kit (if using) in the middle of the pond. The cord should follow the same path as the cord and tubing from the pump. Position the lighting in the same manner.

10. Lights & more rocks

Fill the pond's floor with rocks of varying sizes, fitting them around the aerator and lights. The lights should be on top of the rocks while their cords are camouflaged underneath.

11. Camouflage

Trim the excess liner and cover with rocks. Run all of the cords along the edge of the pond to the GFCI and camouflage with rocks.

12. Trim tubing

Position the tubing for the waterfall over the flat stone. Cut the tubing to the desired length. The tubing can be trimmed before the pump is turned on, and the proper flow of water is determined.

13. Disguise

To finish the look of your DIY waterfall pond, place a few rocks of similar size on the flat stone on either side of the tubing to disguise it. Place the largest stone on top to cover the top of the spillway.

14. Fill

Fill the pond with water. Plug in the pump, aerator, and lights.

15. Enjoy

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your DIY waterfall pond!

Watch & learn

How to build a pond with a waterfall.