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Easy Upgrade: Add a Waterfall

Easy Upgrade: Add a Waterfall

Waterfalls are one of the most popular pond water features for many reasons. The sound a waterfall makes as the water pours onto rocks or hits the surface water is melodic and peaceful. As the water flows, it circulates and oxygenates, preventing algae blooms. While waterfalls look expensive, you can add a waterfall to your pond in three easy steps. It's a budget-friendly and fun DIY project. Your neighbors and guests won't believe you did it yourself! 

Step 1: Spillway

The key secret to a waterfall's success is the spillway. The back of the spillway is deeper, collecting water until it eventually overflows and channels out through the flat edge in a beautiful gliding sheet. The spillway should sit on a flat surface at the pond's edge. 

When designing your waterfall, remember to place the spillway higher than the pond's surface so it can spill outwards. The higher the spillway, the more powerful you'll need the waterfall pump to be. 

Step 2: Pump

The heart of the waterfall is the pump. It takes water from the bottom of the pond and pumps it up and into the spillway. Choosing the right-sized pump is essential. A too-strong pump will create a turbulent flow, while a weak pump won't give the full waterfall effect. 

The pump size depends on the height of the spillway. Read this guide to help decide what strength waterfall pump you need for your water feature. smartpond® has pumps rated specifically for waterfalls, which makes choosing the right pump for your project easier. All smartpond® Waterfall Pumps come with a pumpshield to enclose the pump and keep out large debris.

Step 3: Finish

You can make your waterfall look professionally designed by hiding the mechanics using landscape rocks and plants. Planting compatible landscape plants around the waterfall will compliment the natural look. When you disguise the spillway, it becomes a magical disappearing water feature. 


Chances are that your existing pond already has a filtration system in place. If you're building a new pond with a waterfall, it is recommended to have a separate pump running the filter. You may not want to run your waterfall all the time, but it is essential to keep your pond water circulating. 

Ponds with waterfalls feel vibrant and energetic. Once you add a waterfall, you'll want to spend your free time relaxing by your pond, listening to the calming sound of flowing water. Waterfalls look high-end and luxurious, especially when you hide the spillway. You can create an affordable DIY waterfall as a weekend project that looks amazing and revamps your pond!



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