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5 Ways to Incorporate Water into Your Winter Routine

5 Ways to Incorporate Water into Your Winter Routine

"Water is the driving force of nature"- Leonardo Da Vinci

Have you ever noticed that you feel calmer when watching a koi swim around in a pond or listening to the tranquil sounds of a fountain? Water is an integral part of our daily lives and is a natural way to destress. Moving water soothes the nerves and helps to quiet the mind. Water gardening is a serene hobby you can enjoy even during winter when you bring your fountains and smaller projects indoors. 

Bring water into your life

While not everyone can live near the beach, anyone can have a pond or an indoor fountain for their homes. Sitting near a pond, especially one with a fountain and koi induces a calm meditative state. People find they feel more creative and introspective when near water. It's an opportunity to disconnect from technology and take some moments for yourself. Ponds also attract wildlife, helping you be more in tune with nature. Fountains can help add a much-needing calm to the holiday season when you bring them indoors during the colder months. 

5 Tips for Incorporating Water into Your Winter Routine

Each season has its own beauty and allure. Winter is the time for coziness, reflection, and spending time with friends and family. The air is typically less humid in the winter and contains less moisture than in the warmer months, which is why skin gets drier. During the winter, staying hydrated and incorporating water into your daily life are essential.  

1. Indoor Fountain
An indoor fountain is a winter must. Mild dehydration is common during winter as heaters make the air even drier. Humidifiers are commonly used to add water back into the air. Fountains are sometimes a better option, as they are less likely to cause mold in the house because they moisturize the air more naturally. 

You can create your own DIY container fountain that is easy to move indoors during the wintertime. Container fountains can be as big or small as you like and add great ambiance to a home. Choose your favorite planter and grab the smartpond® Container Fountain Kit online or at your local Lowes, and you're ready to start building! 

2. Indoor Garden
Gardening is a great hobby but tends to get less exciting during winter. Once you shut your pond down and all of your plants are winterized, there's not always a lot of outdoor gardening to do. Try indoor gardening to keep your thumbs green during the winter. Explore the world of hydroponics and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in the middle of winter. You can create your own DIY hydroponic garden using a smartpond pump!  

If you have a window that gets a good amount of sunlight during the winter, start a herb and microgreen garden. Herbs do great on a sunny windowsill. Mint, marjoram, chives, sage, and rosemary are great to grow year-round. Microgreens are incredibly healthy and are relatively easy to grow. You can put them on salads or even in a sandwich for added nutrients. 

3. Drink Water
An adult should ideally drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated is essential for concentration, anxiety, and skin health! You may feel less thirsty during the winter since you're sweating less, but the dry air and heaters can dehydrate you. If you don't like the taste of water by itself, you can add fresh fruit like apples, lemon, lime, or even mint to add a little bit of flavor. Reusable water bottles are great to have around, as you can drink water on the go. 

4. Exercise
Finding the motivation to exercise can be even harder in the winter. When the weather is cold, and you're feeling cozy in your comfiest clothes, leaving the house to go for a run or to the gym can sound unappealing. Exercise is essential for both mental and physical health. There are a lot of great indoor exercises like yoga that do not require a lot of space or equipment. 

Yoga is excellent for mental clarity and peace. You can stretch the body and tone muscles by adding pilates moves. A yoga ball, exercise bands, and ankle weights can help build up more of a sweat. You can find videos online or even use an app on your phone to guide you through the exercise. Starting with five to ten minutes daily can help create a new routine.   

5. Paint with watercolors
Art opens the mind, challenging it to think in different ways. Painting with watercolors fun a fun way to explore your artistic side, and the materials are less expensive than oils or acrylic. Sketch a design beforehand and then fill the page with bright colors.

Compared to other painting and art styles, watercolors require an extra touch of gentleness and delicacy. Each stroke is deliberate. You can mix colors, letting them fade into one another, creating flowers and scenes of beautifully vibrant hues. The paint often comes in a tray with a lid, so it's easier to transport and has less cleanup, making it a great indoor option.

It's easy to get caught up in life and forget to take essential "me time" and focus on general health and well-being. The holiday season can become chaotic with shopping lists, travel, and hosting out-of-town guests. Life requires a balance of work and play so that the mind can rest and recuperate. Incorporating water into your winter wellness can help you stay hydrated and calm as you prepare for the holidays, embrace colder weather, and welcome the new year.



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