Pressurized UV Pond Filter

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  • Our smartpond Pressurized UV Pond Filter uses the power of pressurized cleaning and Ultraviolet technology to clean and maintain healthy, clear water in ponds up to 1,320 gallons efficiently.
  • By connecting your pump, water is pulled into the filter where the pressurized system moves the water first through the UV chamber then through the filter pads to collect debris, resulting in clean, clear water returning back into your pond.
  • The included 7-watt UV clarifier helps to clean the green out of your pond water.
  • The two filter pads are a coarse black pad for large debris and a fine blue pad for smaller particles, both filter pads mechanically and biologically clean pond water.
  • This Pressurized UV Pond Filter can be discreetly placed outside of your pond.
  • This filter is compatible with 560-1200 GPH pumps and includes stepped inlet and outlet adapters to fit ¾ in. or 1 in. ID tubing.
  • No tools required for maintenance; simply pull the lever to squeeze the filter pads and flush the filter, without needing to open the filter.
  • For best results, change the filter pads once a season for maximum efficiency.
  • We stand behind this filter with a 2-year warranty.