Pond Nozzle Kit

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  • Our smartpond Pond Nozzle Kit comes with four nozzle heads:  waterspray, foamjet, waterbell, and trumpet, each provides you with an option for a unique and adjustable water design for your pond.
  • In addition to the nozzles, the kit includes two extension tubes, a connector, a diverter valve, a swivel adapter and the necessary adapter for pump connection.
  • The included diverter valve allows you to run a second water display, in addition to your choice of nozzle display.
  • The two 6 ¾ in. tall extension tubes and connector allow for flexible set-up, no matter the pond depth.
  • The included swivel adapter helps to ensure your water display is level, even if the bottom of your pond is not.
  • This kit is compatible with our smartpond 200-800 GPH pumps and includes an adapter for ¾ in. ID threaded pump outlets.

Instruction Manual