Pond Filter

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  • Our smartpond Pond Filter is designed to clean and maintain healthy, clear water in ponds up to 850 gallons.
  • By connecting your pump, water is pulled into the filter where the pressurized system moves the water through the filter pads ensuring maximum cleaning power to remove particles; the debris free water flows over the bio-balls, resulting in clean and clear water returning into your pond.
  • This pressurized Pond Filter cleans your pond using multi-stage filtration using the included bio-balls and two filter pads to biologically and mechanically clean pond water.
  • The included bio-balls help with the growth of beneficial bacteria that aid in filtration.
  • The two filter pads are a coarse black filter for large debris and a fine blue filter for smaller particles.
  • This smartpond Pond Filter is compatible with 200-800-GPH pumps and includes stepped inlet and outlet adapters to fit ¾ in. or 1 in. ID tubing.
  • This Pond Filter can be discreetly placed in and outside of your pond.
  • No tools required for installation or maintenance; for best results, change the filter pads once a season for maximum efficiency.

Instruction Manual