560-GPH Premium Pond Pump

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Build a pond, easy as 1, 2, 3 using this pump with a 10-ft x 13-ft PVC Pond Liner (model 52295) and UV Pond Clarifier (model 52285). Don't forget to pick up 3/4-in ID Corrugated Tubing (model 53966) to connect the pump to the clarifier and add on a Pond Nozzle Kit (model 52269) or LED Lights (model 52291) to create a beautiful water display. This item was previously listed as model number PDP560.

  • The 560-GPH Premium Pond Pump enhanced with pre-filtration is ideal for large ponds up to 600 gallons* or 9-ft x 16-ft x 1-1/2-ft (L x W x D)
  • Pump is encased with a pre-filter that prevents debris from entering the motor for optimal
  • Created with a stable base that makes it easier to attach a nozzle kit without it tipping over
  • Adjustable flow control allows you to manually change how much water goes through the pump
  • Oil-free and energy-efficient pump with quiet operation
  • Integrated handle is included for ease of use and perfect placement
  • Output valve fits 3/4-in ID (Inner Diameter) tubing
  • Dimensions: 9-1/2-in x 6-3/4-in x 4-1/2-in (L x W x H) with 16-ft power cord
  • Three-year included warranty plus an additional two years with online product registration

*packaging may vary. Recommended pond size is based on the best practice of the pump circulating the entire volume of the pond once per hour. Some packaging may recommend once per two hours. 

Instruction Manual