420 GPH Pond Pump

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  • The heart of your pond system, this submersible pump is ideal for moving water in ponds up to 400 gallons*.
  • Our smartpond 420 GPH (gallons per hour) pond pump's powerful and efficient design keeps the water moving in your water feature.
  • Manually adjust the water flow with the pump's adjustable flow control feature.
  • Ideal for use in ponds, create your own custom water features, or use to power hydroponics systems.
  • Connect to filtration or water features using ¾ in. ID tubing (adapter included).
  • Built to last, these durable, reliable pumps are designed to save on energy costs while operating quietly, so you enjoy the sights and sounds of your water feature.
  • Equipped with 16 ft. power cord.
  • We stand behind this with a 3-year warranty (2+1 with online registration).

*packaging may vary. Recommended pond size is based on the best practice of the pump circulating the entire volume of the pond once per hour. Some packaging may recommend once per two hours. 

Instruction Manual