Fairy gardens are miniature gardens set in a container and decorated to a theme. You can create an entire world for the fairies, allowing for lots of creativity and imagination.

Items Needed

1. Prepare

Gather your supplies. You will want to pick a theme for your fairy garden. 

Pick your location. A planter fairy garden may get heavy as you are building it, so it is easiest to set it up where you will be keeping it.

2. Soil

Start filling in your soil to get it level with the height you want your fairy garden to be built on.

3. Basin

Add a plastic basin to hold the water for your miniature pond. The deeper your basin can be, the better, as even our 80-GPH pump is pretty powerful.

4. Pump

Assemble your pump by adjusting your flow control to the lowest setting and placing it in the basin. If your container is more shallow, turn your pump to its side when placing it in the basin.

5. Pebbles

Add blue pebbles to the basin to ensure your water oasis attracts lots of fairy attention. They like shiny objects, so we added blue pebbles that had a hint of glitter.

6. Decorate

Place a taller object in the background behind your pond like a house, door, or table set. Then fill in with plants. We chose to use succulents because they look like miniature trees and plants.

7. Fill in

Once you have your plants in place, fill in the places of exposed soil with moss, bark, or pebbles.

8. Water

Add water to your basin to be level with your pebbles. The idea is to get a slow movement of water to make some ripples on the surface. If you have more movement than you want, try using a larger basin or turning the pump to its side.

9. Enjoy!

You can continue to change your decorations throughout the year to give this project a continually evolving look.

Watch & learn

How to build a fairy garden.