Skimmer Fish Net

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  • Our smartpond Skimmer Fish Net is a lightweight, heavy-duty tool perfect for removing unwanted debris, moving fish, and performing general pond or pool maintenance tasks.
  • This fish net's pole extends up to 64 in. for easy access across and within your pond or water feature.
  • The pole contracts the down to 35.5 in., for ease of storage of the Skimmer Pond Net.
  • Features a molded grip handle for secure and easy handling, allowing you to comfortably clean your pond.
  • The removable net frame allows for easy maintenance, while the 18 in. deep net with soft mesh net helps to safely catching and transporting fish.
  • This net's frame has a flat edge makes it great for skimming against the bottom and sides of your pond.
  • Constructed with a durable, stainless-steel net frame and anodized aluminum pole, this Skimmer Fish Net is corrosion resistant and built to last.