Aquatic Plant Basket

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  • Our smartpond Aquatic Plant Basket provides a robust housing for aquatic plants, ensuring their safety and stability in your pond.
  • Suitable for a variety of plants including bog plants, water grasses, and submerged plants, this basket offers flexibility in maintaining your pond's ecosystem.
  • The 10 in. x 10 in. x 6 in. is the perfect size for housing aquatic plants, which support a healthy ecosystem, while enhancing your natural pond's appearance.
  • With an optimal hole size, the Aquatic Plant Basket contains the aquatic soil while allowing water to flow through for healthy plant growth.
  • Simply place the aquatic plant and soil in the basket and lower it into your pond.
  • For plant maintenance, effortlessly lift the planted basket out of the water to fertilize, trim, or propagate.
  • Housing your aquatic plants in this Aquatic Plant Basket allows you to easily adjust the placement and depth of your plants according to the season: either to bring indoors or move deeper during colder months and move shallower during warmer ones.