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UV Filtration is Low Maintenance Filtration

UV Filtration is Low Maintenance Filtration

Do you dread the battle against algae each spring and summer? UV is a low-maintenance filtration option that is highly effective at preventing and removing green algae from ponds. It's easy to install. All you need is a UV clarifier and a pump to push water through it. You can use UV filtration alongside mechanical filtration to keep your pond clear and algae-free during the warmer months when algae bloom. 

What is UV Light? 

Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that naturally comes from the sun. It is what causes the skin to tan and burn when it has been in the sun for too long. UV light is damaging because it has high energy levels that cause chemical bonds to break, which makes it a great disinfectant. UV light is often used as a sterilizer for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In a pond, UV light is excellent for ridding your pond of green algae. 

The Effects of UV Light on Algae

Free-floating algae that turn a pond green are single-celled organisms. When the algae pass by the UV light, it mutates the DNA, preventing them from growing or spreading. The algae do not survive and float to the top of the pond, ready to be scooped out. UV light is safe for your pond fish, plants, and other pond life. It does not break down other types of debris, so it works best alongside mechanical and biological filtration.

UV Light and Good Bacteria

The good bacteria that you want in the water in a pond tend to cling to the liner, rocks, and other pond areas rather than float. UV light does not affect the bacteria unless it passes by the bulb. If your pond needs a boost of good bacteria, you can use beneficial bacteria tablets to promote good bacteria growth naturally. When adding beneficial bacteria to your pond through Sludge Remover or another water treatment, keep your UV filtration system off for a few days to allow the bacteria to colonize. 

Low Maintenance Filtration

UV filtration is a pond owner's favorite because it's low maintenance. You will need to periodically clean the bulb and replace it annually to keep it working at full strength. There's little to clean, as UV filtration has no filter pads or bio-balls. If the bulb's protective quartz sleeve accumulates gunk from the water, you can easily wipe it off. 

UV filtration works quickly against green algae, disrupting any algae that pass the bulb. UV filtration is often used alongside mechanical filtration, as it focuses mainly on algae rather than debris. As the algae pass by the UV bulbs, it disrupts their DNA and prevents them from functioning. They float to the top of the pond and clump together, so you can easily scoop them out. The only maintenance needed on a UV filtration system is replacing the bulbs annually and wiping them off if they accumulate buildup. UV filtration is a must-have low-maintenance filtration for algae-prone ponds. 



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