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How to Add Shade to Your Pond

How to Add Shade to Your Pond

The long sunny days of summer can quickly cause your pond to heat up and create perfect conditions for an algae bloom. The shallower a pond is, the warmer it will get from the direct sunlight and weather. Shade helps cool down the water, reduces the amount of sunlight algae can get, and protects fish and other pondlife from predators. You can create shade by adding tall trees, floating plants, pond shade cover, or pond tint. Learn more how the different options.

Plant Tall Trees

Trees are nature's shade. A beautifully tall oak tree can provide much-needed shade in the summer. Trees typically take years to grow tall enough to add noticeable shade unless you can purchase and plant an adult tree. Popular tree choices are Red Maples, Willows, Oaks, and Magnolias.

When landscaping, you want to make sure that the trees don't have any fruit or leaves that could be toxic to your pond life. Trees like stonefruit (cherry), black walnut, and buckthorn can harm your fish. Also, keep in mind whether the tree will lose its leaves in the fall, which can cause pump clogging and other water quality issues.

Floating Plants

Another way to add shade to your pond is floating plants. They take up surface area and provide shady spots for your fish and pond life to cool down and hide from predators. Some floating plants also help filter nutrients out of the water. 

If you don't want to add live floating plants, you can find the smartpond Multi Colored Pond Lilies at your local Lowes. These faux floating plants add shade while also giving the appearance of a lily without the maintenance.
Pond netting

Some pond owners use netting or shade covers to create shade for their ponds in the hottest parts of summer. Shade covers are great if you have chairs and want to keep a section of your backyard shaded. Netting also helps prevent tree leaves and other debris from entering your pond. This can be beneficial in the fall if trees near your pond shed their leaves. 

Pond Tint

Pond tint turns an ordinary pond into a tropical oasis as blue as the ocean. It also adds shade to the water. This natural water treatment uses deionized water and a coloring agent to make pond water bluer; it's like giving your pond sunglasses. It is safe for fish, plants, and any other pond life. 

Pond Tint helps to filter UV rays, which can prevent algae blooms. Blocking the UV rays also keeps the pond water cooler, which is helpful in the summertime. Warm water cannot hold as much oxygen as colder water, making oxygenation an issue during the hottest months of the year. 

Adding pond tint can also give fish and other pond life extra protection from predators. In clear water, pond life is vulnerable to birds flying overhead, as well as cats, raccoons, snakes, and other land predators. The blue tint can make it harder for fish to be spotted, as the water is darker and they are less visible.

Looking for ways to keep your pond shaded this summer? Adding shade can help block the sunlight and protect pond life from aerial predators. You can add trees, plants, netting, or a shade cover, or use our Pond Tint to help add shade to the water. Having shade is extra-important for shallow ponds, but even larger and deeper ponds will appreciate staying cool. Keeping the water temperature lower and blocking the sun can help maintain oxygenation and prevent algae blooms--two major battles in the summertime. 



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