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3 Issues to Avoid when Building Your Pond

3 Issues to Avoid when Building Your Pond

Ready to add a pond to your yard? Congratulations! A pond can be the perfect focal point for your backyard and be a place you go to when you need to unwind and destress. You can watch the fish swim and listen to the sound of your fountain melt all the stress away. Before you start digging, spend time planning and ask yourself these three important questions so you can avoid any bumps along the way. 

Do You Have your Permits?

You may need certain permits to build a pond at your home. The type of permits varies on the state you live in. The paperwork process is relatively easy and is typically very straightforward. A quick internet search using the phrase "(YOUR STATE) pond permits" will bring up several links that should guide you to the nearest facilities that can help you attain the proper papers to build a pond. 

What's Underneath the Ground?

Before digging into the ground, it is important to know what is underneath the surface. To check, you need to contact a company, like 8-1-1, that will notify you if there is a utility line where you want to build. Making this one call can save you a lot of hassle and time. You want to avoid accidentally breaking a utility line and damaging your home or neighborhood service. This can result in serious injury and/or fines. 

What's Running the Show?

Your pond may need two electrical outlets to run a filter and pump. If you want to add lighting or extra filtration, you may need additional outlets to power your features. Many DIYers create transformers for their ponds to meet their electrical needs. Avoid using an extension cord for permanent features. An extension cord is more susceptible to damage and can overpower an outlet and even cause sparks or fire. 

Building a pond can be a fun and rewarding experience. It transforms your yard and adds a new place for you to sit and enjoy nature. Remember to check these three minor things so you can have a smooth pond build!



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