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Pond Calculator

You will need to use a pond liner if you are building a water feature from scratch. You will also need a good water pump to run the feature of your choice. But which liner or pump do you use? What size is best for your pond? Are you sure your pump can power the features you want? The smartpond® pond calculator will help you determine the liner size and pump size you will need for the DIY project you are about to create. In order to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about which products to use, please fill in the blanks for correct calculations.

If you are unsure about your pond size and dimensions, remember it is always better to have excess pond liner than be a few inches too short. Remember, not all decor, filtration and aeration products are compatible with all pumps, so make sure that your items can be used together. For correct calculations, input all numbers in feet and decimals: Example: 12 ½ feet would be entered as 12.5.

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  • For best liner size calculations, the liner results allow for a 2′ overlap
  • Pump size is based on the suggested 1.5 times water turnover per hour
  • Inputting the max depth is utilized to approximate the correct depth size for your pond.
  • If you have any other questions, contact a smartpond representative at 1-888-755-4497, Monday – Friday, 8 AM to PM.

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