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Above Ground Pond with Flower Beds

Above Ground Pond with Flower Beds

For a truly unique feature in your backyard, build an above ground pond with flower beds! No digging is involved and it only needs 3 items (4 with the pond lights). It’s an easy, simple backyard project that can be done in just a weekend!

Step by Step Instructions

    • above ground pond1. Create the exterior wall of the pond with retaining wall blocks after sizing the area you will be building the above ground paver pond. Make sure the first layer is level buy using a level tool. Use a scratch awl or chisel and hammer to split pavers into varying sizes as needed.
    • above ground pond2. After the fourth tier is in place, unfold the pond liner and cover the pond area. Extend the liner over the sides. Smooth out any creases and form the liner against the inside of the  blocks.
    • above ground pond3. Place the top row of blocks on top of the liner to secure it in place. Trim the liner to the outside edge to get rid of any excess liner.
    • above ground pond4. Place the pump in the filter box and add the nozzle head of choice. Place the pump in  the middle of the pond floor. Run the electrical cord over the side of the above ground pond and hide it underneath the top row of blocks. Use the nozzle top desired.  After, fill the above ground pond with water. Plug it in and watch it run.
  • above ground pond5. After adding a layer of rock to the bottom of the pond.  To finish off the look, place the lights in the above ground paver pond and around the assembled filter box, as desired. If you add the layer of rock to the bottom, use it to hide the cords of the lights.  This is your time to get creative!
  • above ground pond
  • 6. Repeat the above process, but design the sides and fill-it in with dirt and plants instead. After, sit down, enjoy a cold drink and enjoy the new, beautiful piece you created!

Items needed: